Monday, August 13, 2007

Why we should never close our eyes....and turn ourselves over to sleep
7:30 am (still in bed...asleep)
me:...talking a mile a minute
him: "who are you talking to?"
me: {in a harsh voice} "i'm on the phone"
him: "oh"

8:30 am (when we wake up)
him: "who were you talking to so early?"
me: (with a dumb look on my face) "i was dreaming"
him: "you had a lot to say"

As soon as he asked the question, i remembered it immediately.


dorothy erdely said...

so what was your dream about?!!!!??

dorothy erdely said...

august 14-----today is august 18, in 12 minutes it will be the 19th, but hey, you're on the east coast, so it's been the 19th for YOU for almost 50 get on the ball girlie & post some more to your blog!!! i have no time to blog, so i check yours & a few others out every day when i check out SCS gallery updates. come on now, i'm having secret sister withdrawal!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess i'll just go to bed! luv ya!