Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me, Olive, and Chris
August 25th, 2007
Leeann Rimes Concert

When I was a child there really are some memories that I have that are so vivid that at 38 years old I can still remember the day as if it was yesterday. What I was wearing, how I felt, some little flickers of memory that don't seem to really matter, but, for some reason they are vivid and clear. For instance, I can remember a day in first grade during reading circle. One thing I remember is my neighbor struggling on the word "went" during her turn to read. It didn't affect me so I have never realized why I always could recall it. Weird. Another memory I have is the time my mom and I went to see Bobby Vinton at the Warwick Musical Tent. When my mom and I had ridden up to the Tent to get tickets it just so happened that and older man was standing in front of the box office and he was trying to sell two front row tickets to the show because his wife was ill and they couldn't make it. My mom checked with the woman behind the counter to make sure we weren't getting ripped off and it all worked out. Part way through the show I remember nudging my mom over and over telling her I had to go to the bathroom. Finally she cracked and was getting up to take me. Half way up the isle Bobby Vinton stops the show to ask where we were going. {YIKES} He had been singing to us, it was a Polish song, so he asked my mom if she was "Italian". I can remember everyone laughing and this older woman with a cane in the end seat grabbing m arm telling me how cute I was. Now, that memory I know I remember because I had been so excited to see my "Polish Prince" and he stopped the show because I was not in my seat..... These are the things I ponder on sometimes that really don't mean much of anything.

That brings me to last nights show that Chris, Olivia, and I went to. We took or hike up to the South Shore Music Circus to see Leeann Rimes. We went to dinner for Chinese Food (Olivia's pick) where she informed us that "Olive" has been her nickname to her friends from school rather than "Liv, Livie, or anything else". Not exactly what I had envisioned her nickname would be, but, it is better than Lola, or Trixie. We will see where that goes.

It was a great night, and as we sat there enjoyed this beautiful woman's talent I wondered if Olivia would have memories of this tent we are under just as I had as a child of seeing Bobby Vinton with my mom. She weaseled her way down to the front and stood next to a girl in a wheelchair for the second part of the show. She had a ball. Leann Rimes is so incredible. She is beautiful, 25 years old, been in the business for 12 years, married for 6 years, she is incredibly grounded and sweet.

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