Monday, July 30, 2007

Dirty Dozen Dare

All this week on SCS there are extra "challenges" given by the big girls on the Dirty Dozen Team past and present. They are so much fun! This was my days submisssion

I really love it!! We all dream of being "dirty" when we get older, and this gives us a chance to pretend. It is like playing dolls when you are a little girl and being the mommy...tee hee.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Country Music Festivel July 28th, 2007 Gillette Stadium

1-(Gillette Stadium~sold out over 60,000 seats) 2-(Kenny Chesney in the middle)

My body hurts, my throat feels raw, and I am exhausted! But really I had an unbelievable time! I am not sure if it is that for those few years I didn't do much of anything exciting and therefore I am so much more appreciative of a good time. But man, o, was fun!!
Drinking myself thin...
In the past, with every drink I have my mind tends to think I drop a dress size. days past I always thought I was thin because I would drink enough to think that. For years I haven't drank for one reason or another so my tolerance is not as hefty as it once was. Yesterday weather it was too much sun, to much "hard" tea or beer, or me going crazy I averaged about a size 6 all day!! LOL. I danced, and danced and then danced some more. My arms are killing me, my leg muscles hurt, and my thoat feels like it is bleeding.
The energy...indescribable!!
It seems at every concert I take a picture of the audience. There is something about the energy I wish I could bottle up and take home with me. I have yet to capture it on film. It is just a memory.
The crowd.....lets say....colorful!~
We saw a girl lift her shirt in trade for a flower lei within a matter of 10 minutes. There were 4 married men in front of us cocked out of their minds "hooking" up with lady strangers (also married). The man behind us didn't have a tooth in his mouth. A fight that was in the row right below us. And...we were the only ones in our section that actually belonged there. The common ground we all had was that we loved these performers and were willing to pay them to keep our minds like mush for 9 hours.
The entertainment....EXCEPTIONAL!!
I was able to see Sara Evans again, and for the first time I saw Sugarland (loved them), Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney. Sugarland was a treat for both Chris and I because we had never seen them before. Kenny may not be the cutest thing to my eye, but boy can he sing!!!
I need to rest!
(this is jennifer from Sugarland)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Last night I worked forever on a card and hated the results. Today within 10 minutes I whipped out this beauty and am in LOVE! Being the fact that it is paisley and pink & green makes it easy. This card makes me happy and was a snap to make.
The weather is beautiful today, instead of rain like yesterday. The week looks promising. Playgroup tomrrow...had to cancel last week because of the weather. Saturday...we are going to see little "turtle boy" (as I like to call him.) Kenney Chesney. I'll just close my eyes and pretend its TK!
Chris and I are meeting up with some of his friends from work, if anyone else is going let me know so we can "hook up"
Enjoy this great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is the best time of the year for our family. My parents have three children, I am the youngest and have two brothers. In the summer it is a time for us to all reunite at the common gathering place of my parents pool. The pool was put in about 35 years ago. {I was three!} Although we all live in the same state, my parents, my family, and my oldest brother all live within two blocks of each other and my other brother only lives a 15 minute drive away. Most times during the colder months we don't see each other all that often. Come summertime that all changes. All 11 of my parents grandchilden along with their friends, other extended family members, and close friends all gather here for a great summer of water, fun, ice cream in the afternoon, and memories. That is what summer is for after all!! Memories.

We love spending our days lazy by the pool being cool.
I made this card today which really says it all.
"Summertime...and the livin' is easy"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the past I have done a daily challenge on the Splitcoast Stampers website and have gotten away from them with moving and everything else in daily life. I started again with the new colors that just came out in July. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

~My favorite Big Dog Daddy~
Toby Keith, Virginia Beach, Friday the 13th!
This was a great way to top off our week long family vacation. Me and Toby, Toby and Me...ok, me, Toby, and Chris!! But still, it was the best show I have seen of Toby. The last time I saw him in RI he had smoked a little too much weed and was in a big daze! This time he was all smiles and seemed really happy and laid back. (maybe it was because he missed me~) We danced, had some $10 beers (YIKES) they were 24 oz. though, sang along with him, and had great people in our section where we sat.