Friday, June 22, 2007

This is Chris and I at his cousin Michael's graduation party from MIT. We had a great time and we were able to see lots of Chris's family. The girls went swimming and we had LOTS of great food and some very interesting drink concoctions. Michael is on his way to Chicago for his first job at SIG (Susquehanna International Group) We really wish him all the best as he begins his three year contract!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

What we work for today can potentially change lives of our future generations....

The little house.

For the last four years the girls and I have resided in what we have referred to as "The Little House". Being in this house has humbled us tremendously and has taught us many lessons.

Some being:

  • Be thankful for having a roof over our heads.

  • Compromise is essential in getting along with others.

  • Silence is a novelty.

A big lesson for me was to comprehend the fact that nearly 50 years ago when my grandmother divorced my grandfather and had to fight to keep this "little house", as well as pay for it twice, little did she know that it would serve as a stepping stone for me and my children as we worked through some of our life's lessons.

Never did I realize how hard she worked to keep an impeccably tidy house and yard. I often wondered why I struggled to keep my head above water while she worked a difficult job, cared for my dad, and was a very ill woman. She did it all so easily and still had time at night to sit and crochet for hours, suck her nip candies, and read the paper. Not bad for an uneducated woman who was among the first of her friends to even go through a divorce. These were hard shoes to try to fill. Never did I come close or ever think I would.

It is bittersweet for me as I clean out this house and move back to where I belong...with my husband, together with our children. In many ways I never felt like I was ever away from my home. Mostly it felt warm and fuzzy to be in that little house. The memories were all good, sweet, and happy. Often walking through the back door was weird because it would go from smelling like my house when I left it back to smelling like hers did in a matter of a trip to the store. That was just a simple reminder for me that she was still there with me reminding me that life lessons don't come easy and she certainly knew it first hand.

M y love for my grandmother is still so strong and my respect for her has strengthened knowing the life she lived was not a glamorous one. This never stood in her way of being such a great woman and leaving both me and my father with the greatest memories because she was part of our lives.

Mary Torres
May 19, 1911 - November 26, 2004