Friday, December 14, 2007

Ironically I came across this picture of my grandmother Charlotte, Jack, and the girls in 2005. I thought I would post it in loving memory of Jack.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am alive! I can't believe how many people have actually let me know they miss my postings n my cool! Things here have been going well. Life is so busy! Not crazy like stupid busy... but, busy!
Holidays! I love them. For the last 11 years this has been my favorite time of the year. Twelve years ago at this time Chris and I awaited the birth of our first child. It was such an awesome time. Seems like yesterday. We lived in a little condo, the two of us and my dog Princess, and Rusty the cat. (he was black & white--go figure) By this time we had to re-clean the nursery it had been set up so long. The tiny clothes had been organized and re-organized. My body kept growing and growing...I was amazed. On December 24th our little bundle of happiness came into the world and our lives have not been the same. Today, Olivia is vibrant, beautiful, and turning into a little person...fulfilling as it is for us, its much too quick for our liking. I have never been as fulfilled the way I was that Christmas, she truly was the best Christmas gift ever. A few times a week I act like I am having labor pains...she thinks I am nuts! I love that little girl.
On a sadder note, we lost a dear member of our family this week. My grandmother Charlotte's companion of 19 years passed away suddenly. Jack was 84, and I was surprised at his age when I saw it in the obituary this morning. He was so active, I guess I had never really realized his age. He took exceptional care of my grandmother. She was lucky to have him in her life all these years. Jack and I shared the love of tennis. We use to talk tennis all the time. Sometimes during the four Grand slams we would trade late night calls back and forth. Time and time again we always talked of picking up the rackets and play a game or two. It never happened. I don't know why. I am thankful for that we had a quaint Thanksgiving dinner together with Charlotte and Jack along with my parents this year. It was never usually this small, but that is how it turned out this year, and for that I will be forever thankful. Here is a link to his obituary. I don't think the picture will show up.

I hope this find you all well this Holiday Season!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

58 Days and counting.....
Christmas will be here before we know it!
The lists from the girls have yet to come but they are on their way I'm sure. I have been playing around with some Winter/Holiday stamps. These two are from Inkadinkado. I LOVE the snowman stamp....and the striped paper is from Basic Grey "Figgy"....Basic Grey makes me very warm and fuzzy and happy. Not good that paper does this to me. But it does!
In my hands I have Hanna Montana tickets for the Dec. 20th show here in Providence. For those of you without pre-teen girls....this is the hottest thing going..and almost impossible to get. Luckily, we have a great friend that let us buy her two extra tickets for face value! That is Olivia's birthday present and Sophia's best friends mom got a ticket for her as a "just because"....thats the kind of friend to have!! Emily has been such a good sport about not having a ticket and really dosen't care she isn't going. We actually put the decision in her court and told her if she would be upset that we couldn't get her a ticket that we wouldn't take Olivia....and without a thought, she said she would like me to take Olivia. I love that little girl....{we may have bribed her a bit with a Webkinz or two, but, everyone is happy.}
Well, I am going to watch the rest of the RED SOX! Let me know what you think of these cards by the way....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!
Here in New England today it was wise. It felt like at any minute the skies were going to open and it would pour...that stagnant, humid feeling that I HATE! It never rained. My body works best when the weather is basically the same day after day. If its going to be hot, be hot every day, but 40 one day and 80 the next, not good for me. I love the freezing cold days when you step outside it has a very quiet sound and then your nostrils stick together. We haven't had one of those winters in years, and I don't think we will get one this year either.
Last month I won my first contest. It was fun, I received (if I remember correctly) like 38% of the vote. I was rewarded with some nice gifts, one being the coluzzle file folder. Above is my submission for this month, (they tell you what stamp set to use) so I used some of my winnings from last month to create this months cards. Submissions have to be in by Oct. 1st. Then the voting begins. I love snowmen!!!! These are cute, and this card is sparkly.... Do you like it???

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where the heck have the last 15 days gone???

I took on a new "volunteer" job that has taken much more time than I ever expected. I know it will only take a few more weeks to get things organized and then it should be a lot easier. {I will keep you posted}

This card is done with a new set I just got today from CTMH called Harvest Memories. The thing I love lately about using clear stamps is that you can line things up so much better. This stamp sentiment actually is three separate lines on the stamp, but, I am able to line it up so much easier than with a wood stamp in row. The paper line is one of the newer kits too called Enchanted.

This is my favorite time of the year and I have been decorating, baking, cleaning, and scrapbooking. Life is good.
Many people email me asking to hear more about my kids. So here is a little snipit of what has been happening in our end of he world!

~~We have picked a date to get remarried
~~I am holding Thanksgiving this year!!
~~We are going to plan a trip up north for a night or two and cut down our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.
~~Chris and I are going to see this show next month:
~~My 11 year old is close to driving me to drink alcohol.....instead of coffee in the morning!
~~Sophie loves her pottery class and has tried out for the school play. There were 66 kids at tryouts today for only 14 spots. I am sure she did great!! She has been cleared by the doctor for the stress fracture that has keep her off a bike, a soccer field, trampoline and anything else she enjoyed for over three monts! She starts indoor soccer in a few weeks too!
~~Emmy will finish her first oil painting at art class tomorrow and I will post picture of it when it makes it home. For an 8 year old, I think you will be impressed!

Hope all is well with everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The girl never ceases to amaze me...

As I was going through some picture files today trying to sort through and see what needs to be developed etc, I came across this beautiful picture (one of many) that Olivia took this summer on our vacation to Williamsburg, VA. Olivia received this camera from my parents last Christmas. She has really done a great job of capturing some photos that in my opinion are pretty spectacular. What is so amazing to me is that this beautiful picture does not really tell the story of this day.
Chris, Olivia, and Emily were going to take a cruise on this chartered boat while Sophia and I stayed back and spent some time doing something that Sophia would enjoy more. Well, the problem was that when they gave us directions, they may as well have had us take an airplane. Rather than go from point A to point B, they has us go to point A then to Z, back to B. Literally. So as we pulled up they saw the ship pulling away from the dock. The three of them ran down the dock trying to halt the ship. For a second Sophia and I thought they had actually done it, but, as it turns out it didn't stop. Although Chris was very disappointed because this charter was really something he was looking forward to doing, he put it on the top of his list for next year when we visit. Olivia took the opportunity to capture some great photos. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons!!
Olivia is truly an amazing individual. She can be very annoying at times. But, the thing that is so annoying to me about her is what is going to get her far in this world. Persistence. She can take the same question and phrase it 7 million different ways until it finally sounds appealing to you. Often Sophia and I sit and talk about the card making business we will one own and operate. We will talk about who we would have work for us, who we wouldn't, what colors we would paint the walls....all that stuff. And although we often see-saw back and forth about if we would hire Liv, we have decided that we would because we always say she could sell "shit-on-a-shingle", with a million dollar smile on her face! She could convince someone it is environmentally friendly and every household should have one. That is our Olivia. Today, she began Latin classes after school...why? I don't really know, but what I do know is that someday it will probably help her as she changes this world. She will do great things in her life time, that I am sure of.

Stay tuned!

Monday, September 17, 2007

More than Thankful...
Is it the weather? Seeing the fall items not to mention some Christmas things in every store you go into? The fact that the kids are back into school and I have time to sit back and realize all that has happened in my life in the past 12 months? But this past weekend has just been a wave of emotions for me. I am in complete happiness, almost child like giddy....why does this feel weird? I think maybe it has been far too long since I have felt this way...but, I am REALLY enjoying it!
One feeling I can explain that I am feeling seem to be complete thankfulness. I feel thankful. My life is in tune. Stereo so to speak. My house is in order, my laundry is done, I am able to scrap and stamp to my hearts content without guilt. My husband and I are enjoying having all this time together once the kids are at school. I have a scrap booking club that meets once a week that is really been fun and gives me the enthusiasm to scrapbook throughout the week so I have something to share (ok, with them the next week. All these things make me happy.
A year ago I was in a very different situation, my brother was a mayoral candidate for the city I live in, and it was full force ahead with the campaign. This type of situation can be overwhelming all on its own. I was hard on me and I didn't do anything, I can only imagine what he and his family went through. Every now and then I had to take a shower, look pretty, and paste a smile on my face to show up at some fundraiser to show my support for him. The girls and I were living alone and it really took everything out of me to make it through day both emotionally and physically. I was basically hanging on by a string.
Today my brother, his wife and my parents along with neighbors (who they ran into there) are camping at a nearby campground enjoying their lives stress free. When my mom called me tonight I asked her to remind everyone there what we were up to a year ago. I worried about my brother a lot after losing the election. Lately, he is a normal guy enjoying his life in normal speed instead of fast forward. Tonight I am sitting in the house I love, in a new kickin' chair that we got today at a consignment store typing on my blog. Life is good. Change is good. My red chair rocks!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

These are a couple more cards I have been working on. The hat one is very cool, it is one stamp that I cut out to make three different hats. I put glassy glaze on a couple of them and stickles too. The web has bit on it too to make it look shiny. And the tag says, "witchie,witchie, screamie, screamie, happy, happy, halloweenie!" So cute!
The spider web has a sparkly spider that has stickles on it. It uses my favorite Madori ribbon that says "Trick or Treat". I used this brand ribbon at the florist I worked at a few years back, and some of them are to die for!
Hope your enjoying your day!~

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Some of my best work yet.....

{deep breath}
I have made it through a week of blurrr....
Last week my sinus infection turned into a trip to StatCare for some IV fluids to get me over the "hump". Evidently, it turned out that I had a allergic reaction to the medication which is why I had such violent purging of every fluid in my body. At one point I was on the bathroom floor and my body felt like it was honestly exploding!! Every possible place for something to come out was. (I know... gross..TMI) It is just amazing how the body can help itself get rid of something it doesn't like. While Chris (who is a RN) is hoovering over me frozen, I look up at him any say "I think I need a minute to get myself together". When things got better he told me he thought, "You need more than a minute" lol. Anyhow, that was Monday, and on Tuesday I was back into the swing of things, making lunches in the am and on the soccer field at night for Olivia's game. I am fully recovered now. Whew!
My scrap booking has come together nicely, I have finished some rather nice pages and have found out that sewing on my pages is my niche. It makes scrapping fun for me and I have been pleased with my work. It has fallen a bit over into my card making too, which has been a nice change of pace. These are two of my newest "Autumn 2007" collection that I have been designing. I am pleased with these two the most. They both use sparkling H2o's on them which doesn't show up in the scan well. I am going to invest this week in a nice set of Prismacolor watercolor pencils too because I will be taking a class next month where I need to have them and want too play with them a little bit before hand.
I love these cards and think they are among my favorites to date. What do you think?
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Mack Truck

I think I have been hit by one...
I have been in bed for two days immobilized! Thanks to my good friends and family my kids have been well entertained. My head isn't pounding so the antibiotics are working, still have a fever, sweating, shaking with chills, I called my mom to come over and rock me, but she said I was too big. Boo Hoo!
Luckily,the US Open is on so as I lay there sweating to death I have something to listen to.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Me, Olive, and Chris
August 25th, 2007
Leeann Rimes Concert

When I was a child there really are some memories that I have that are so vivid that at 38 years old I can still remember the day as if it was yesterday. What I was wearing, how I felt, some little flickers of memory that don't seem to really matter, but, for some reason they are vivid and clear. For instance, I can remember a day in first grade during reading circle. One thing I remember is my neighbor struggling on the word "went" during her turn to read. It didn't affect me so I have never realized why I always could recall it. Weird. Another memory I have is the time my mom and I went to see Bobby Vinton at the Warwick Musical Tent. When my mom and I had ridden up to the Tent to get tickets it just so happened that and older man was standing in front of the box office and he was trying to sell two front row tickets to the show because his wife was ill and they couldn't make it. My mom checked with the woman behind the counter to make sure we weren't getting ripped off and it all worked out. Part way through the show I remember nudging my mom over and over telling her I had to go to the bathroom. Finally she cracked and was getting up to take me. Half way up the isle Bobby Vinton stops the show to ask where we were going. {YIKES} He had been singing to us, it was a Polish song, so he asked my mom if she was "Italian". I can remember everyone laughing and this older woman with a cane in the end seat grabbing m arm telling me how cute I was. Now, that memory I know I remember because I had been so excited to see my "Polish Prince" and he stopped the show because I was not in my seat..... These are the things I ponder on sometimes that really don't mean much of anything.

That brings me to last nights show that Chris, Olivia, and I went to. We took or hike up to the South Shore Music Circus to see Leeann Rimes. We went to dinner for Chinese Food (Olivia's pick) where she informed us that "Olive" has been her nickname to her friends from school rather than "Liv, Livie, or anything else". Not exactly what I had envisioned her nickname would be, but, it is better than Lola, or Trixie. We will see where that goes.

It was a great night, and as we sat there enjoyed this beautiful woman's talent I wondered if Olivia would have memories of this tent we are under just as I had as a child of seeing Bobby Vinton with my mom. She weaseled her way down to the front and stood next to a girl in a wheelchair for the second part of the show. She had a ball. Leann Rimes is so incredible. She is beautiful, 25 years old, been in the business for 12 years, married for 6 years, she is incredibly grounded and sweet.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. ~Ada Louise Huxtable
Living in Rhode Island sometimes I take for granted the beautiful ocean I have right here under my nose. Some people across the country would love the opportunity to be able to drive less than 45 minutes to enjoy a day of lavish waters and soft sand between your toes. Me on the other hand just made it to the ocean last week for the first time this year. Each year I vow to go more the next never seems to happen. When the girls and I went last week with a girlfriend of mine and her kids it was just beautiful. We were lucky enough to sit in a spot where we were safe from some horrible winds the other end of the beach goers experienced. The six kids played all day without a problem. Maria and I sat, chatted, enjoyed watching the children and every two seconds I asked either her or the kids if I looked like a bronze goddess. They all assured me each and every time "almost". {Its nice to surround yourself by people that make you feel good.} LOL.
A few years back my grandmother Charlotte celebrated her 85th birthday and our family had gotten together to have a celebration. My aunt had gathered up a ton of photos of her through the years and made a beautiful slide presentation, it was set to music and the whole nine yards. There were pictures of her and her husband(s), my mother and her sisters all lined up by age in their matching outfits and haircuts, and there were nice pictures of her and her four daughters each year at Christmas time. Ever since then I had realized that the type of pictures I took weren't even close to being slide show worthy. Most vacation pictures never left evidence was even there. So I have been conscious to take better pictures of the girls together, and with me, pictures with Chris, my mom, their cousins, all so I could make a spectacular slide show for any reason at any given time. So, here is a picture of me and my girls enjoying a day at the beach in our swimsuits, just as we are........without any tensions, and renewing our spirits. Ahhhh.....

Monday, August 13, 2007

Why we should never close our eyes....and turn ourselves over to sleep
7:30 am (still in bed...asleep)
me:...talking a mile a minute
him: "who are you talking to?"
me: {in a harsh voice} "i'm on the phone"
him: "oh"

8:30 am (when we wake up)
him: "who were you talking to so early?"
me: (with a dumb look on my face) "i was dreaming"
him: "you had a lot to say"

As soon as he asked the question, i remembered it immediately.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Love it.....
I have always used Stampin Up! Stamps and supplies for most of the time I have been card making and scrap booking. If I can say so myself... card making has come very easily to me and scrapbooking is more of a challenge. Usually if you give me lots of supplies, or limited supplies it doesn't matter I can whip up a card without any fretting. Do the same and ask for a scrapbook layout and quite honesty I suck! Its OK. But, I think I try to justify the expense etc. with the fact that I am "preserving memories" for my children. Recently, I discovered a company named Close to my Heart (CTMH) and the products tend to be geared more towards scrap booking. By the picture above you can see....I made cards. Twelve little 3x3 cards with a matching "purse" box to hold them. I have come to accept no matter what the product are a scrapbooker I am not meant to be, but, a damn good card maker I am!!!! We can't be perfect at everything.
I do really love this set, mostly because I love paisley. Also, the color combo makes me happy. The reason I have been playing around with the products is because in the future I am planning to hold some classes and teach other people what I love to do. is something I have come to realize....
Although people come to this blog and one leaves me any comments. Viewing other blogs I have come to realize that bloggers bribe readers with "blog candy" in order to leave comments..... I am not sure how I feel about this. But.....if that is what it takes. I will have a special "candy" when I reach 25 comments. Tell me this... What would be a good "blog candy" item?????
There are actually websites out there that will pick a random number for me for the winner.
Stay tuned....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A love hate relationship.... at times we have loved to hate each other!

Mother in laws. I have one. (for the second time around) Here is a brief synopsis of "us" because most of you are new to my life and haven't been blessed with meeting this very unique woman.
  • There has never been anyone in this world good enough for Betty's son.
  • I am always wrong.
  • Chris is always right.
  • Everyone is out to get Betty (that is what she thinks).
  • She is perfect, it's the rest of the world that is nuts.
  • My 9 year old daughter is undeniably her favorite (and for this I'm thankful~)
  • She is the life of the party, if she decides to show up.
  • I love her for raising the son she did ~alone.

In the beginning years of Chris's and my dating/marriage when I would arrive in her presence she would leave. She could be babysitting for hours without ever caring how long I am gone and as soon as I come home she would leave. I took it personally for years and then I got over that. We would often have very horrible verbal fights over the phone, hang up on each other, and then one of us would call the other back and talk like nothing ever happened. It was weird, but, it was our relationship.

When Chris and I separated a few years ago the weirdest thing happened. She was the nicest person to me. She would call my house, be polite, ask to talk to the kids, and that was stunned me. No arguing. I went with it. The shocking thing about our separation is this..the people who I would have never expected to be nasty and mean were, but, the expected mean peope weren't mean. I grew a deep respect for her over the four years.

Then Chris and I got back together. The time has changed many things. I am who I am. As is Chris. I am straight forward, usually in some state of confusion, but..again, I am who I am. Sugar coating it doesn't work for me anymore. When I started spending time with Chris again Betty and I had a heart to heart one afternoon at the kitchen table and I told her that I respected her more now than I ever had, because even through everything that had happened, in my eyes, she remained neutral and had excellent self control. I acknowledged how hard that must have been. She then shared with me that she learned and knew that I was the one person in this world that her son loves more than anything and that she didn't realize what a impact I would ever have on him. It was a moment. We were now on common ground. We both said something nice about the other...and meant it.

My work space is in a shared space where my laundry room is and today she came down to visit and did some laundry and ironing. I was at my desk working. When I looked up she was sitting on the stool that the kids sit on when they help me work. She begins to tell me how upset she was when had I left. That she had to go on "tranquilizers" because she was so shaken up. And then in Betty DeLuca style she says, "I don't think I can ever handle that again, so if you decide to leave I will come after you with a gun. Mark my words"

And so the beat goes on.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dirty Dozen Dare

All this week on SCS there are extra "challenges" given by the big girls on the Dirty Dozen Team past and present. They are so much fun! This was my days submisssion

I really love it!! We all dream of being "dirty" when we get older, and this gives us a chance to pretend. It is like playing dolls when you are a little girl and being the mommy...tee hee.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Country Music Festivel July 28th, 2007 Gillette Stadium

1-(Gillette Stadium~sold out over 60,000 seats) 2-(Kenny Chesney in the middle)

My body hurts, my throat feels raw, and I am exhausted! But really I had an unbelievable time! I am not sure if it is that for those few years I didn't do much of anything exciting and therefore I am so much more appreciative of a good time. But man, o, was fun!!
Drinking myself thin...
In the past, with every drink I have my mind tends to think I drop a dress size. days past I always thought I was thin because I would drink enough to think that. For years I haven't drank for one reason or another so my tolerance is not as hefty as it once was. Yesterday weather it was too much sun, to much "hard" tea or beer, or me going crazy I averaged about a size 6 all day!! LOL. I danced, and danced and then danced some more. My arms are killing me, my leg muscles hurt, and my thoat feels like it is bleeding.
The energy...indescribable!!
It seems at every concert I take a picture of the audience. There is something about the energy I wish I could bottle up and take home with me. I have yet to capture it on film. It is just a memory.
The crowd.....lets say....colorful!~
We saw a girl lift her shirt in trade for a flower lei within a matter of 10 minutes. There were 4 married men in front of us cocked out of their minds "hooking" up with lady strangers (also married). The man behind us didn't have a tooth in his mouth. A fight that was in the row right below us. And...we were the only ones in our section that actually belonged there. The common ground we all had was that we loved these performers and were willing to pay them to keep our minds like mush for 9 hours.
The entertainment....EXCEPTIONAL!!
I was able to see Sara Evans again, and for the first time I saw Sugarland (loved them), Brooks and Dunn, and Kenny Chesney. Sugarland was a treat for both Chris and I because we had never seen them before. Kenny may not be the cutest thing to my eye, but boy can he sing!!!
I need to rest!
(this is jennifer from Sugarland)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Last night I worked forever on a card and hated the results. Today within 10 minutes I whipped out this beauty and am in LOVE! Being the fact that it is paisley and pink & green makes it easy. This card makes me happy and was a snap to make.
The weather is beautiful today, instead of rain like yesterday. The week looks promising. Playgroup tomrrow...had to cancel last week because of the weather. Saturday...we are going to see little "turtle boy" (as I like to call him.) Kenney Chesney. I'll just close my eyes and pretend its TK!
Chris and I are meeting up with some of his friends from work, if anyone else is going let me know so we can "hook up"
Enjoy this great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This is the best time of the year for our family. My parents have three children, I am the youngest and have two brothers. In the summer it is a time for us to all reunite at the common gathering place of my parents pool. The pool was put in about 35 years ago. {I was three!} Although we all live in the same state, my parents, my family, and my oldest brother all live within two blocks of each other and my other brother only lives a 15 minute drive away. Most times during the colder months we don't see each other all that often. Come summertime that all changes. All 11 of my parents grandchilden along with their friends, other extended family members, and close friends all gather here for a great summer of water, fun, ice cream in the afternoon, and memories. That is what summer is for after all!! Memories.

We love spending our days lazy by the pool being cool.
I made this card today which really says it all.
"Summertime...and the livin' is easy"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In the past I have done a daily challenge on the Splitcoast Stampers website and have gotten away from them with moving and everything else in daily life. I started again with the new colors that just came out in July. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

~My favorite Big Dog Daddy~
Toby Keith, Virginia Beach, Friday the 13th!
This was a great way to top off our week long family vacation. Me and Toby, Toby and Me...ok, me, Toby, and Chris!! But still, it was the best show I have seen of Toby. The last time I saw him in RI he had smoked a little too much weed and was in a big daze! This time he was all smiles and seemed really happy and laid back. (maybe it was because he missed me~) We danced, had some $10 beers (YIKES) they were 24 oz. though, sang along with him, and had great people in our section where we sat.

Friday, June 22, 2007

This is Chris and I at his cousin Michael's graduation party from MIT. We had a great time and we were able to see lots of Chris's family. The girls went swimming and we had LOTS of great food and some very interesting drink concoctions. Michael is on his way to Chicago for his first job at SIG (Susquehanna International Group) We really wish him all the best as he begins his three year contract!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

What we work for today can potentially change lives of our future generations....

The little house.

For the last four years the girls and I have resided in what we have referred to as "The Little House". Being in this house has humbled us tremendously and has taught us many lessons.

Some being:

  • Be thankful for having a roof over our heads.

  • Compromise is essential in getting along with others.

  • Silence is a novelty.

A big lesson for me was to comprehend the fact that nearly 50 years ago when my grandmother divorced my grandfather and had to fight to keep this "little house", as well as pay for it twice, little did she know that it would serve as a stepping stone for me and my children as we worked through some of our life's lessons.

Never did I realize how hard she worked to keep an impeccably tidy house and yard. I often wondered why I struggled to keep my head above water while she worked a difficult job, cared for my dad, and was a very ill woman. She did it all so easily and still had time at night to sit and crochet for hours, suck her nip candies, and read the paper. Not bad for an uneducated woman who was among the first of her friends to even go through a divorce. These were hard shoes to try to fill. Never did I come close or ever think I would.

It is bittersweet for me as I clean out this house and move back to where I belong...with my husband, together with our children. In many ways I never felt like I was ever away from my home. Mostly it felt warm and fuzzy to be in that little house. The memories were all good, sweet, and happy. Often walking through the back door was weird because it would go from smelling like my house when I left it back to smelling like hers did in a matter of a trip to the store. That was just a simple reminder for me that she was still there with me reminding me that life lessons don't come easy and she certainly knew it first hand.

M y love for my grandmother is still so strong and my respect for her has strengthened knowing the life she lived was not a glamorous one. This never stood in her way of being such a great woman and leaving both me and my father with the greatest memories because she was part of our lives.

Mary Torres
May 19, 1911 - November 26, 2004